do you need help looking after your children at weekend/school holidays?- babysitter available

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My name is Claudia and I am currently studying in my final year of my GCSE's. I am hardworking, confident, responsible trustworthy. I also have good teamwork, communication skills and a good attention to detail.

I am looking to earn some extra money by doing babysitting at weekends and throughout the school holidays.
Rates are all negotiable.

As for my references I can hand over my latest school reports which consist of my currents grades, predicted final grades and comments from all my teachers. I have already gained my EDCL computing qualification, which I completed last Easter and I am currently working towards high grades in various other subjects including, Btec business studies, German, history, English, maths, triple science, sociology and religious studies.

*EDCL computing certificate-this has taught me how to effectively use a computer, internet and further details about how they both work, including information on viruses, internet connections, different types of computers and more.
*Ballet grade 5- this shows my hard work and dedication to things I enjoy doing, unfortunately I had to end my ballet lessons due to personal circumstances, however I worked hard though out the 10 years I took lessons, I also learnt team work and communications which allowed me to reached the highest mark of distinction at every grade.
*One 1st place and one 2nd place Ballroom dance- Ballroom dancing is all about working with your partner and your coach which has developed my teamwork and communication skill further, it is a dance which I still continue and I am working towards larger competitions. Also performing in front of large crowds meant I learnt to deal with situations that made me nervous and have increased my confidence through doing so.
*Reading age 15+- this is a test we take in school (of which I am sure you are aware) simply outlining my reading skills.
*One star canoeing qualification- I had to work with my team, making sure at all times we were safe whilst on the water and near the waters edge. Through this course and gaining this qualification I further developed my communication and teamwork skills. I have also gained a lot of confidence from it and found it easier to trust the people I have to work with, allowing me and everyone else to complete the course to a high standard and staying safe at all times.

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