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County Fermanagh
1137 days ago


Everybody has a story and a point of view, whether it is what is happening in your family, your neighbourhood, your country or your commentary on world affairs? Have you brushed shoulders with someone famous? Has your government let you down? Have your kids performed well at school or in sports? Is there someone special in your life who you would like to recognise? Has someone you known recovered from a life threatening illness? Has your community got thriving traditions that are never reported on? Have you seen something what isn’t getting reported on in newspapers or TV? We want to hear your heart breaking stories, stories on theft, rape, muggings, burglaries, war, feuding neighbours and cowboy traders to light hearted funny stories, send them in. This is your chance to write about your experiences and have them published on a website were hundreds of thousands of people can read your story.

* We can upon your request, keep your story completely confidential, even if you are picked as our winner.

* Our aim is to enable people across the globe to share their own personal stories and those of their community.

* Your stories will feature on the sshoosh website ( in a special category

* Submissions should be text and have an accompanying photography

* We are accepting submissions between Thursday 15th March - Thursday 29th March 2012, they will be uploaded to our website immediately

* The winning story will be the one with the most Facebook likes by Friday 6th April 2012 - each story can be liked by clicking the facebook like button on the left hand side of each story page on the sshoosh website

* Ask your friends and family to help you win by getting them to find your story on our website and then clicking the facebook like button on the left hand side of your story

The winner of the £50.00 Amazon gift card (or equivalent in your currency) will be announced on our facebook page on Monday 9th April 2012. If you don’t win, you still have the opportunity to share your story and have your masterpiece showcased on our website.

Send your story and photograph to us, full details are on our website. Your story should have a title, your name, website (optional - we will link out to your website to give you exposure), address and phone number. We won’t publish your contact details if you wish to remain anonymous.

Lets get writing and sharing!

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