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So are you motivated?, want to put yourself, show others and compete with others over six weeks and prove that over six weeks you can transform your body into a “Greek” adonis?

Well as a fitness and performance coach, people are more motivated and train better when they have a “WHY” to train, so in this case the “why” would be trying to transform the body and motivated by the idea of winning the CASH Prize, most people’s gym visits are effortless and pointless and lead to “Drop-out”.

Now I decided to come up with a Challenge that will keep you motivated and give you a Proper purpose for staying and also for making your Gym Visits very interesting and meaning full,

Before you sign up, the transform is not about who packs on the most muscle, looses the most weight, It’s merely about who makes the best visual transformation over the Six weeks, You cannot take any form of Steroids or enhancers’ so you have to keep it natural.

So how does it work its very simple.

You have to sign up first and pay £25 entry fee this will include your FREE Transformation T-shirt

Once you have registered you will be asked to

Take 3 Pictures (Front-Back and Side) clearly showing your Stomach, Legs and waist, you don’t need to show your face if you don’t want too. Also you will need to take one Front picture with the newspaper of the day, we don’t like cheats.

You will be sent a Video of how to measure your key areas, and also you will need to weigh yourself then e-mail me back all this information.

You will then need to keep a day to day log of the foods you have eaten, and what your workouts have consisted of you doing from week one through to week six easy.


I am there to support you if you need any advice and guidance.

After the week six again you will need to submit to me the (Front-back and side photo shots)

With your measurements and scale weight, also your food journal and food logs, it will then take a week to decide who has won the cash prize- simples are you up for it??

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