Children's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training, Martial Arts. Self Defence

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Urban Gurillaz - Children's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; coaching by Ralph Presgrave - Blue Belt Tuition awarded by Lucio Dos Santos; sessions delivered under guidance of the Head of Lagarto Teesside; Shaun Matthews (Brown Belt - 3 tags) - Lineage -Carlos Gracie Jr > Lucio 'Lagarto' Rodrigues > Shaun Matthews, Team Lagarto - Gracie Barra.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is ground based grappling sport (i.e. taking an opponent straight to the ground) which uses positioning, joint locks, chokes and holds to control an opponent in real time, it is superb for increasing fitness, flexibility, muscular endurance, staying healthy, practical self defense, gaining confidence and making new friends.

Coaching is conducted with Ralph a fully qualified youth worker, fully vetted
(Disclosure: 001363425068) and fully insured, all policies relating to CRB, Safeguarding and Insurance are available on gym site to view at anytime for parent/guardians added assurance.

Our children's sessions are delivered with a big emphasis on FUN using our unique Gurilla Games.

Come and let your child be a member of our growing team and see the changes this amazing sport can make to your child's confidence and self esteem!

Thursday's 6:00pm - 7:00pm ages 6-11, Redcar UG Team, Coatham Memorial Hall, Coatham Road, Redcar, (Show as Red and Blue Mats in Pictures)

Friday's 5:05pm - 6:05pm, Thornaby UG Team, ages 6 - 11
(Backed by Sported & Thornaby Town Council Funding - Yellow and Blue Mats)

Friday's 6:15pm - 8:00pm (Submit 2 Success Programme ages 12 - 19)
(Victoria Park) Welfare Community Hall, Peel Street, Thornaby.

Regular grading and annual cross area seminars with our Brazilian black belts.

Phone Ralph - 07581513841 or add us on Facebook - search Urban Gurillaz
alternatively visit or Team Lagarto Redcar on Facebook

Eat your bananas and we'll see you on the mat.

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