calling all aspiring screenwriters

all london
1144 days ago


hi my name is Lorenzo and I'm looking to start a group for aspiring screenwriters for film and or TV.
a little about me

25 male living in London

I'm a big film buff and read a lot to I've always had ideas that I want ted to put down on paper I've just never had the time or complete motivation. Now that I have the time I'm looking to jump in and start, I find its always a little easier with that little bit of help. I've also gone out and dropped a bit of money on a copy of final draft to get started.

I'm proposing to start a probably small online group where we can knock around a few ideas get inspiration and motivation and tips from each other and maybe even work together on stuff.

if your interested then reply back via gumtree (don't want to put my email up because this place is rife with spam) and we can hopefully get started there at worst you might even make a friend
so if ever you watched something and thought hey I can do better or like me waiting for something to just get you started and talk about what you have done with some like minded people then give it a try.
hope to hear from you soon Lorenzo.

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