Call for Creative Writing entries

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Call for Entries: ClockWorks

ClockWorks invite writers to contribute to our new anthology!

Deadline for submission: 5th March 2012

ClockWorks is a project that aims to provide commuters on the Glasgow Subway system with alternative reading to free newspapers or magazines, whilst promoting original writing and new writers.

We aim to create a collection of stories and poems from a broad selection of contributors. A collection that will amuse and amaze the reader, custom made to fill the time spent on the underground. The writings must be rooted in Glasgow, the rest is up to you.

We will split the writings by their length, and the anthology will be divided into one stop writings, two stop writings, and so on up to seven stops. The word limit for prose is 300 words per stop, and for poetry 20 lines per stop. Therefore the maximum word count is 2100 words, or 140 lines of poetry.

Contributors are asked to submit their work via e-mail with the subject line indicating the intended number of stops for the piece. Also included in the body of the email must be a brief bio stating name, age, and occupation. Work should be double spaced and in .doc format. Work cannot have been published elsewhere. They must in some way include Glasgow, but specificity is not required.

We look forward to reading your work. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any feedback. You will be contacted if selected.

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