Business Owners : Generate 7 New Clients in The Next 28 Days

Halton, West Yorkshire
Event date
03 Dec 2012
891 days ago


We all want more leads right ?

We have a 4 step process to getting more clients, and it looks like this :

Send Direct Mail to direct them to a squeeze page
At the Squeeze Page ask them for their email address and name, so that they can download the 'free gift'
The 'free gift' is a valuable Lead Magnet (A way in which it draws potential clients to the squeeze page as they want the 'freebie'
They enter their details and collect the free download/Appointment, etc
We now have their contact details so that we can begin to market to the lead and warm them up or go for the close.
It sounds really simple right ? And it is ! But only if you know how, and know the right words, the right headlines, the right nature of the lead magnet, the right type of letter to send out and so on.

This one day course is directed at businesses who need more leads and more potential clients using some 'old school' techniques combined with some new school internet strategies.

This is what you'll learn ....

How to create a Direct Mail piece, targeted at your customer base - you'll get a sample Sales Letter so that you can craft your own offer specifically to your target market.
We'll show you how to design a Squeeze Page to drive traffic to.
We'll show you various types of 'Lead Magnets' that have worked in the past so that you can design yours around it.
We'll show you the type of emails that work, that close business, that gets the conversation started so you can start to warm up that lead, close business and make more money.

All of which you can IMPLEMENT in the next 28 days to get 7 new clients.

Email or do a quick search for "Daniel Latto" on Google - we're really easy to find !

And you'll get a Free Marketing Video just for taking a look !

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