Burton invisible illness social support group

burton on trent
898 days ago



This group is dedicated to all those struggling day-to-day with invisible illness not just us but the career’s and famil
y and friends who have to put up with us

Our mission is to support and offer friendship in our local area who have an invisible illness in the family, and to provide and raise awareness of invisible illnesses

To provide support for the families
To have regular meetings share information and work with similar groups
To keep an eye, have a check in system for those living alone
To help with tasks that we have to do daily
We are here.... and the plan is to try and meet up and socialize the main reason for this group is to provide true...We also try to keep the costs down so fundraising and as many donations as possible is welcome
I would like to keep this group as cost free to your pocket as possible, so knock on the door of the shop next door we need tea bags etc

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