Bodmin Jail

Sandown, Isle of Wight
Event date
26 Jan 2013
902 days ago


Bodmin Jail the most notorious haunted location in the United Kingdom is set to be an event like no other.

Join us in our scariest event ever Bodmin Jail in Cornwall which takes place on Saturday 26th January 2013. The event includes coach and ferry travel, the paranormal event with Adam and the teams guidance and breakfast. The investigation is from 11pm to 7am.

We have two options for the Bodmin Jail Event available.

The first is the full event for £128-00 which includes coach, ferry, event and breakfast with a deposit scheme of £50-00 to secure your booking with us.

The second is for the event only and no breakfast at the cost of £60-00. This option is for the people who would like to make their own way to the event.

In 1778 an Act was granted to the local Justices for the building of three penal institutions in Bodmin, a County Jail, a Debtors Prison and a House of Correction. The buildings were designed by Sir John Call and was built in 1779. In the late 1850s a new 220 cell Jail was built. In 1887, part of the Jail was transferred to the Royal Navy and H.M. Royal Naval Prison was established. The female jail was closed in 1911, the male civil prison was not used after 1916 as the prisoners and staff went to war. The Naval Prison closed in 1922 and all the buildings were sold in 1929. Between 1735 and 1909, there were 60 executions in Bodmin.

Those poor unfortunate people who were imprisoned within the cells, will have experienced untold misery and suffering. Bodmin was the first jail to feature separate "cells", and each small chamber may well have a nasty story to tell. Well-known prisoners like. Anne Jefferies, thought to be a witch, was starved to death and Selina Wadge was publicly executed for the murder of her illegimate son. All the graphic tales of hate, pain and loss, which is why it is such a haunted hotspot.

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