Band looking for bassist

1137 days ago


Hey there, we are looking for a bassist to join us as ours parted ways to continue on his education in france. During that time we have had a few member changes but we believe that we've found reliable and talented musicians to form the band all we lack now is a bassist.

We as a band have no massive egos so dont worry about fitting in the room with us haha. We are easy going people who like a laugh but are serious about our music and would really love to find someone to join us who feels the same way. We started writting our own material before our bassist left but recently changed our tuning so there is alot of oppertunities for someone new to bring their stuff to the table.

Our influences are wide and varied but we are kinda heading for rock n roll with a touch of metal. We have covers which we use in the studio and plan to use one or two live which gives you an idea of the sound we are going for. We cover vixen,heart, boston, pat benetar, haledtorm and black stone cherry

Our infulences are wide n varies from band member to band member but the covera gives you an idea of what we are heading for.

if it all sounds good then hit us up a mail or a text

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