Baby Sitter (Fallowfield)

1106 days ago


My name is Aaban Jawed (Aj) and I'm a freindly 18 year old. I love working with Children.

I play alot of musical instrument. I do alot of stage shows. I work part time as a TV producer and have my own radio station. I love making friends and meeting new people.

I am:
-A student in his final year of Alevels doing Art, Product Design, Graphics and Maths (Hope to become a Car Designer)
-CRB checked
- working with children of all ages from 3 to 19 at a supplementary school every saturday.
-Easy and friendly to get along with.

I play the guitar and piano and will be able to keep the children very much happy.

I charge £7 per hour and can do most days. Can travel upto 10 miles radius of Fallowfield

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