Anyone ready for a drink and a laugh?
City Centre, Edinburgh

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

Why is everyone in a rush to settle down and move on? I'm hoping there's people out there looking to expand their social circle and might want to occasionally want to go for a drink or gig.

I think I can hold a drink and conversation to a reasonable standard and have some decent anecdotes if ever the chat dries up. Some of them are even funny.

A few things I'm into: gigs, music, travelling, cooking and socialising. This is a genuine ad and would like to meet a couple if like-minded people (male or female).

It'd be cool when responding you said a little about yourself just to see if you'd be a good chatter (eg whats ur name; I'm 49, I'll be ur friend ;and wot u want to tlk bout? will not get a reply)

Please don't reply if you're thinking this is an ad offering anything other than a mate.

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