Antenatal Classes in Leeds

Leeds, West Yorkshire
1054 days ago


Relaxed and informal, our antenatal classes will help you make choices for your birth. You will benefit from our experience as midwives helping thousands of women give birth.

Evening Couples Courses
Weekly sessions in groups of 5 or 6 couples. Our classes are suitable for everyone whether you are expecting your first or fourth baby.
Next Classes: Garforth - Tuesdays Starting 12th June 2012

One-Day Classes
Need an antenatal class in one day? These are great if you are short of time, need a refresher or just feel that you need more help in addition to your NHS Classes.
Next class: Saturday 7th July 2012 Holiday Inn Hotel, Garforth

Antenatal Pick & Mix
Four stand-alone classes and you can choose to do any or all of them. Ideal for those looking for knowledge on certain aspects of childbirth.

One-to-One Sessions
If you need more privacy or have specific needs we can arrange One-to-One Sessions at your home or at one of our venues.

Visit our website for more information. Online booking is available.

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