Aetherius Society Series of Talks

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Event date
12 May 2012
1116 days ago


Aetherius Society Series of Talks

Afternoon Series of Talks on UFO's
1:00pm-3:00pm on:
12th May, 9th June, 23rd June & 14th July

A truthful, clear and educational insight on UFO's and their reasons for coming to Earth.

The Aetherius Society is a worldwide Metaphysical, Spiritual and Educational Organisation. The exciting series of four talks on UFOs and life on other planets, run by the Aetherius Society, will begin on May 12th 2012 at the Spielman Centre, Arnos Vale.
The UFO's and their message to earth talks will be given by Mrs Philomene Prempeh, Organiser of the Bristol Branch of The Aetherius Soceity. She has studied UFO's and the teachings of the Aetherius Society for over 30 years and will set the pace for talks that will uplift and truly educate all who attend. She will be assisted by Mr Max Griffiths, a young man who is enthusiastic about UFO's.

The fact that life exists on other planets is to some, unheard of and mysterious to most, and then there are sceptics and people who even fear the possibility of their existence. The big budget movies spread untruthful and negative ideas of beings from other worlds.
Here is an opportunity for you to learn the truth of such matters, and of the indescribable beauty and majesty of shining beings from other planets. These factual truths have been verified by the Holy works throughout history. You can learn about spacecraft and the very reason for visits to this earth.
The Aetherius Society has the most unique Metaphysical library of contacts or Cosmic Transmissions given by beings from other planets in this Solar System through the unique Mediumship of Dr George King, a Master of Yoga in all its forms. The beings from other planets gave messages of great hope for this coming New Age of peace and enlightenment:

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