Actors and volunteers needed for short film (UNPAID)

1126 days ago


Hiya. My name's Hervé. I just finished to write a script for a short film.

I found the location and I am now on the look out of actors plus extra people willing to volunteer and support, light sound... The short movie is called "Dining" (subject to change) and shooting will start from the 5th of May. We are looking for actors to play:

COP 1 25/30 years old male
A young rookie who clearly lacks experience and maturity.

COP 2 >30 years old female
Patrol chef, a bit angry.

First language: English
Accent: UK
Race: Any
Experience: Some would be good

Audition will be on the 21st of April. Have a look at the FB page I created.

If you are interested, please reply with an email address I can use to contact you, your name, the name of the character you want to audition, a photo. If you have a personal website, do not hesitate to send me the address as well.


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