ABA-VB Training day workshops in London; teaching children with autism: 16th Nov and 14th Dec 2013

Holborn, London
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16 Nov 2013
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ABA Tutor Finder are pleased to announce that we will be running a series of training seminars running through to December this year. We are offering these seminars at just £60 each when booked over a week in advance of the event (£75 otherwise). We feel this offers excellent value for money and do hope that you are able to attend.

1) 10 tactics and procedures for effective behaviour change: 16/11/2013

2) The essential content and structure of a home based ABA/VB programme: 14/12/2013

Venue: St Albans Centre, 18 Brooke Street, London, EC1N 7RD

Dates: 16th November; and 14th December 2013

Timings: Registration 9:30am, Start 10am, Lunch 12-12:45pm, Close 5pm

Cost: £60 per course when booked over a week in advance or £75 otherwise.
Cost includes coffee/tea and biscuits.

Payment: Payments to be made by BACS bank transfer. Invoices will be sent via email on request. Your place on the course will be confirmed on receipt of payment.

The courses will be presented by Catherine Green MEd, BCBA. Catherine is a Consultant Behaviour Analyst with a thriving London based practice. She is also the mother of a child with autism and is currently studying for her PhD in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Simmons College, Boston (USA).

The courses are suitable for both families and therapists wishing to further their understanding of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behaviour (VB) as an intervention for children on the autism spectrum and is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with fellow families and therapists.

Each of the courses will include:

1. Audience interaction and a Q&A section with the speaker.
2. Videos and role plays both demonstrating and analysing tactics used in the field.
3. Lecture notes on arrival and an invaluable resource pack email to all attendees.
4. A personalised certificate of completion for all delegates.

Information on individual course content and some testimonials from previous course we've ran can be found below. Please contact us ASAP with your bookings.

10 tactics and procedures for effective behaviour change - 16/11/2013

1. Forward Chaining
2. Backward Chaining
3. Shaping
4. Differential Reinforcement (Multiple types)
5. Contriving and Capturing Motivational Operations
6. Conditioned and Transitive Motivational Operations
7. Behavioural Momentum
8. Premack Principle
9. Discrete Trial Training
10. Prompting and Fading

The workshop will include videos and role-plays demonstrating the use of the tactics from the field.

The essential content and structure of a home based ABA/VB programme - 14/12/2013

Part 1: Quality Indicators in ABA Programming
 Key Quality Indicators of a good ABA/VB programme
 The 7 Dimensions of ABA and how they relate to programme content and structure

Part 2: Baseline Assessment and Report
 Conducting an assessment of a learner’s current skill levels across all main areas of functioning
 Identifying ‘barriers to learning’
 Conducting a Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA) of challenging behaviour and identifying replacement behaviours

Part 3: Curriculum structure and design
 Targeting social, language and functional living skills for increase, targeting challenging behaviour for decrease and replacement and programming to overcome the ‘barriers to learning’

Part 4: Demonstrating the effectiveness of a programme through data collection, display and analysis
 Measurement, data collection and display in ABA
 Taking baseline data, tracking acquisition of skills, tracking skills on maintenance
 Graphing data for analysis and keeping a programme moving forward

Part 5: Key areas for staff training
 Understanding of a behavioural classification of language
 Using teaching techniques from the research on Verbal Behaviour Analysis
 Programming for Generalisation

The workshop will include a review of available curricula, an example of a data book and a variety of useful documents.

Feedback from: ‘The Essential Content and Structure of a Home Based ABA/VB Programme’ presented by Catherine Green BCBA on 28th April 2013

“I found the course very helpful. Catherine presented very important information in an easy and very understandable format. I feel it is her dual role as Mum and BCBA which helps her explain things and thereby empower parents. Thank you Catherine” - SM

“Catherine is great. I felt so lost and confused deciding on the choice of ABA therapy for my son, but the course she presented made so many points clearer in my mind. Catherine provided me with very valuable information so the next stage in my child’s ABA therapy is much clearer. She gave me hope” - MW

“I have been to hundreds of conferences and workshops throughout my career – I have to say the workshop hosted by ABA Tutor Finder and presented by Catherine Green was simply outstanding. The content was timely and relevant. The focus was on elements of high quality ABA program management. Catherine is a great speaker and outstanding consultant behaviour analyst, but above all, she is a warm and friendly person who understands aspects of autism so much better for being the mother of an autistic boy herself. Before attending the workshop I felt lost and confused deciding on the choice of ABA therapy for my child but the course she presented made so many points clearer: she simply gave us the standard of high quality ABA therapy. Catherine provided us with very valuable information supported by published data and anecdotal evidence from her own work experience in the field of ABA therapy and as mother of an autistic boy. Catherine is great and I am looking forward to attending her workshops in the future.” - MW

“An eye opening, in depth journey into ABA/VB. Feel much better about how I will be managing our programme for our son. Can’t wait for more training. This was empowering.” - AB

“Loved the workshop. Fantastic!!! Joining the next one”. - Anon

“I am just starting my journey as an ABA tutor, thanks for your wonderful insight!” - LP

“Really useful and excellent high end guidelines to setting up a programme!” - Anon

“Thank you for an extremely informative and interesting day. Loads of information will presented and lots of good, clear guidelines. Great experience.” - KM

“Very very good and I am lucky that I am here before starting the ABA programme …. now at least I know what should be there. Great help and very good. Thanks a lot.” - N

“Very informative! Thank you!” - Anon

“Fantastic summary of the principles of ABA – a lot of information to summarize but it fitted all together well. Great discussions and exchanges! Thank you for all of the great resources.” - NS

“Wonderful. I have attended all sessions with a son with ADHD aged 8. It has changed my life and all of my family. I am inspired to learn formally and am on the diploma course in September.” - AMA

“This course has been absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much! I have gained so much information and have met so many great people.” - SM

“This was very useful training. It was thoroughly comprehensive and very engaging. I really liked Catherine’s focus on specifics and importance of measurement. Apart from useful well packed information, the presentation had a lot of dos and don’ts. Thank you.” - Anon

“Lots of great content and I really liked how Cathy was able to answer all the questions … I would love to have a course specifically on how to use the VB-Mapp.” - Anon

If you have any further questions regarding the content of the courses and to make your bookings, please contact us as early as possible.

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