South west
1125 days ago


Ever fancied Sailing around the world for a year and visiting countries you have always dreamed of? We are offering 2 separate double berths on an ocean going cruising yacht. Skippered by me (a fully qualified ocean yacht-master) and my partner the 1st mate / hostess. There will be only 6 people on-board giving every one the space they require to feel comfortable and at home. The route is to be agreed by all involved when we meet prior to departure. When at sea you will be required to pitch in with all aspects of running the boat from helming to changing sails to helping out in the kitchen and everything in-between. The aim of the trip is to have a year you won't forget, learning many new skills along the way and visiting some of the most beautiful places on earth seeing sights the majority of the world haven't seen! The price includes everything while you are at sea apart from travel insurance, While on land any excursions, eating out etc are at your own cost. There will be a small shopping list you will have to purchase prior to departure, mainly specialist clothing etc. The cost of this once in a life time year is £20,000 per person, a 10% discount is offered if all 4 berths are filled at once.

We hope to hear from you soon, And are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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