A male/female session singer wanted for post rock music - £12/hour

1136 days ago



I am making post rock/alternative music with a friend. Now we have got many songs and I am wondering if you can help us to record singing for our music.

The following link has example of our music. We want your singing instead of my singing with Japanese accent.



We are looking for a male or female singer in the following criteria:-

1) You are quick to pick up melody and can improvise tunes to suit your range of voice
2) Your native language is English
3) If you are male, your voice range is from the middle range to lower.
4) If you are female, your voice range is from the middle to higher.
5) Our music has story telling elements, you are able to express emotion and create drama in your singing.
6) You can come to Shoreditch in London on weekend or evening.

I can pay you £12/hour for your singing and all rights related.

We intend to sell our music in iTune. If we make a lot of money from the song featuring your singing we will reward you in some ways.

If you are interested, please drop me a line with your example of singing. Then we can arrange to meet for one hour recording session and we will pay you £12 for recording of your singing.

Kind Regards,


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