A Japanese TV Programme are looking for people to film

1157 days ago


Producers of a Japanese TV Programme are looking for people to film in connection with a programme focusing on preparations for the forthcoming London 2012 Olympics

A Japanese TV Production Company "Telecom Staff Inc." are planning to produce a documentary TV programme focusing on the 2012 London Olympics and how the forthcoming event has and will effect people's lives in the UK.

We are looking for the people who may have an interesting 'human
interest' story linked with this year's Olympic Games.

A couple who may have met at some Olympic related event People who may have lost their homes, or have strong memories and/or
connections to the site where the Olympic Park is being created.

An immigrant person whose friend may be participating to the London Olympics - represnet8ing their country of origin.

People who will be involved in the opening ceremony

We are sure that there are many people with interesting stories and anecdotes that can be shared with the Japanese TV Programme viewers. We'd really like to hear from you.

Please contact us if you have a story you'd like to share, or if you
have any further questions about our project.

Many thanks

Production Team
Telecom Staff Inc.

Ad ID: 97233977