Toyota Hilux Surf 3.0 SSR-X Turbo diesel automatic 1995/2005 import
£1,500 Perth, Perth and Kinross

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For sale is my surf I've not even had that long!!,not even 6 months I think.Nothing to worry about though,I like these so much,I'm away to buy another one from someone I know which is so clean,well modified and in my favourite colour of black,its more like a show car,better suited to my needs,so is a very genuine sale.Just didn't think the chance would come up ever,let alone so soon for me to buy it,or I wouldn't have bought this one of course,but that's life.
There are a few minor niggles here and there,depending how fussy you are,or are not,what you want a surf for,and how good a surf your hoping to for less than £1500 in my opinion,or £1500 o.v.n.o!!! (I will list all good and bad bits in detail later).
Basically,starts first time,no problems with engine/gearbox,how it drives on road,temperature/oil pressure sits fine,no big leaks or excessive consumption of oil or water etc.
6mm at least I'm sure on all four mud/snow Kuhmo tyres.Just taxed it for 6 months last week,m.o.t until April 28th,nothing obvious enough or at all even to make me have any big concerns myself for next m.o.t.However I'm not a mechanic or m.o.t tester,but any proper inspection welcome for any serious viewers.
CD/Dvd player with remote,all electrics fine,I have 2 keys/fobs.No service history book as such,but stacks of receipts from previous owner/s(including £1200!! spent on new cylinder head/radiator etc aprox 30,000 miles ago by previous owner before last one,will check though,also fan coupling was replaced before I picked car up for peace of mind.
In the short time I've had it I've replaced the glowplugs myself,the air filter element for a lifetime K+N element(extra 1-2mpg some say)not sure I can confirm,but sounds good,and the snorkel is functional.
Also replaced the rear propshaft at xmas time for another second hand one,but is well greased and in good condition.
The car has been used off road at some point,not by me,but the signs are there(a bit of a bash in driver side wing/arch,and still small traces of mud here and there if you look close enough really)Also back bumper has badly corroded on both corners,needs either properly repaired or replaced,but I did a quick and honest temporary repair(even if a bit rough) as soon I got it,just to cover the holes,until I got around to it,but I won't now it seems.Anyway none of that put me off buying it,and going a fair distance to get it either.
The main thing that's bugging me just now is its blowing only cold and not so cold air at min(into car).Flushed the radiator and pipes the other day,replaced coolant(and removed and cleaned out expansion tank also the best I could while at it,was a little dirty for my liking).Anyway all this still never fixed it,but fault is getting narrowed down,and away to fix it today hopefully,as I now know all cables/switches etc are fine from being at it yesterday.
This is really my 2nd car,for the bad weather and taking dog in etc,but even with the cab not nice and warm as it was,used it everyday for work this last week or two,25 miles at 70mph each way on motorway,and I can complain about it(other than not returning same mpg as my 1.9tdi car),good to drive in my opinion anyway,and won't get stuck in the snow at least.
Overall its not really in bad condition at all rust wise,other than rear bumper,and some very slight surface rust on door edges maybe at the bottom of one rear door.Underneath is surprisingly clean I thought given its age and being a 4x4,as had a few various 4x4's now (had a good look while greasing nipples)...because I do try at least to look after my car/s the best I can myself anyway.
I will ad pics asap,away to wash it etc now first.Plenty surfs out there to be had,at various prices,mileage etc.Mine's not showroom like some,but is reliable and good for the price
If someone actually offers me in pound notes(preferably Scottish ones,but can accept English ones too if need be,as long as they're all real), £1500 or very close to that which its worth,I may even put a tank of diesel in for them,can't say fairer,thanks.
P.s prefer txt only due to my work/sleep patterns,but anytime,any ??? 24/7 I'll get back to you asap.
................that's pics uploaded now at last,trying to show best and worst I can,so nobody's time wasted by coming to view,or mine's,if its not for you,horses for courses.The damage to wing/arch was like that when I bought it,the pic of rust is worst bit I found on whole body 2-3'',not as bad as it looks,solid all around it,and only on one side of car anyway,others fine.Also should be able to see my botch,temporary hole repair on rear bumper in a pic.
I bought these wheels/tyres for this car,finally painted them today,and a few other bits/bobs done,still working on heater problem,but busy at moment,will try again though to get that sorted.
07864 790740

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