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TerraClean is the engine decarbonising product that is sweeping the nation. Endorsed by Ed China and the ‘Wheeler Dealer’ team and receiving great reviews and success stories in all the automotive forums.

TerraClean Manchester is run by a team of motorsport enthusiasts with a passion for all things 4-wheeled. We have extensive experience running a motorsport team and in vehicle tuning so we are best placed to get the most from the TerraClean system and transform your vehicle.

So how does it work?

In a nutshell our system takes over as your vehicles fuel tank and fuel pump and uses highly refined fuel particles which are positively charged to attract the negatively charged carbon particles in your engine. A cleaning agent then flows through your fuel system removing the carbon particles and leaving your engine to operate like new.

Why will it benefit me?

If your vehicle feels down on power or uses more fuel then when it was new it will benefit you.
If your vehicle has an EGR valve or DPF filter that you are worried may fail in the future then a TerraClean programme could prevent this.
If you have just bought a vehicle and are unsure of how it was driven prior to your ownership.
If you would like more power and torque.
If you would like better mpg.
If you would like to preserve your engine to help avoid costly maintenance bills in the future.

What do you get?

TerraClean Manchester are currently running a special promotion which includes a double procedure TerraClean (we complete the process for twice the length of time for the price of only one procedure ensuring every last possible carbon particle is removed) followed by an fuel octane booster programme (we use this on our Caterham CSR and Caterham R400 racing cars and it improves the fuel consumption further still, not by cleaning the engine but by improving the quality of the fuel)

How much does it cost?

Including a Double Cleaning Programme rpp £299.00

Including an Octane Booster Programme rrp £29.99

Special price of just:

Cars £100.00

4x4 £150.00

Small Vans £100.00

Large Vans £150.00

Trucks/Lorries £300.00

Where can you have it done?

Manchester City Centre – SMART Remaps, Unit 2 Trading Estate, Sudell Street, Manchester, M4 4JQ

Macclesfield – Performance Blue Technology Center, Unit B, Calamine Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 7HU

Drop Off Points – Worsley, Salford or Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire.

For more information about TerraClean please call our techincal department on 01618830622.

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