Skoda Octavia Ambiente 2001 £400.00 o.n.o
£400 Tamworth, Staffordshire, Wilnecote

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I love this car and was going to keep it for longer. I’ve had it since 18th August 2004 and had it transferred into my name on 28th Oct 2007. (It was in the ex wife’s name before). But recent events and being in the right place at the right team means I have another larger family carrier and need someone to look after my Skoda.

It’s been a really reliable car. I’ve had hardly anything go wrong with it while I have owned it. Its only ever needed normal wear and tear replacements. Condition is generally good especially for its age. It has a large boot and plenty of space


Two chips in the windscreen. One small near driver’s vision. One larger not in drivers vision. Went through MOT (now expired) with these last year. Don’t know if it will be an issue this year. This was the only advisory note on last MOT.
Two scratches. One on the nearside front end of the car. One on the bonnet.
Some minor interior problems such as cigarette tray has come loose and the lighter doesn’t work.
Inside boot cover is loose but I usually just keep this off anyway.

Worst problem – The window on the back offside passenger seat does not work. My son slammed it too hard once and it stopped. Got card jammed in to hold the window but would probably need a replacement if you wanted. I have lived with it for over a year now. It’s not really been an issue but it maybe for others.
Airbag light is on at the moment after I cleaned the dash. Would need to be reset at next service.

Viewing is recommended as are any questions or comments. Phone me on 07970203521 for clarification on any of the issues.

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