Horsforth, West Yorkshire £35.00
639 days ago


Hi there and welcome to my ad , im selling my beast of a widescreen satnav Garmin Nuvi 1390 due to loosing my car ... and my job .... and my house (feeling sorry for myself) and the amazing arrival of my new born not so little son weighing a massive 10lb 3 oz (feeling sorry for my girlfriend) .. so this satnav comes with an in car charger .. and thats it (btw if your the new proud owner of an 04 grey punto i want my holder back ... and sorry for the cig burn in the back my girlfriend thought it would be a good idea to chuck a cig out the window on the motorway ... obviously it wasnt) annnyyyywaayyyy the sat nav helps you find the nearest places that tickle your fancy without typing anything such as the nearest food places if your hungy , nearest airport if you owe people money , or the nearest hospital if your diying and so on and so on .... anyway i know im making the satnav out to be a "superman satnav" but im a broke ass white boy and need money asap , please help me help you help me so we can all live happily ever after and you can use this lovely Garmin Nuvi on the Moovey ... THANKS !!!
oh ring me only i dont check my emails 078 64 64 69 54

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