Sankey Narrow Track Military Trailer/with Canvas.. Good Condition..All original. Or Nearest Offer
£275 High Heaton, Newcastle

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

Hi , have decided it is time to sell my Sankey, as as i am getting a tad old and i am not enjoying lugging this heavy lump of trailer about.

All legs, lights, brakes work. Canvas cover is new old stock, approx year old but normally kept in garage.

Just had patches welded to tub as in picture 6, and repainted inside tub. (Rot only in tub chassis has no rot.) Tub is not as new but is solid.

Trailer is running on 205 tyres, as i pull it with my Disco.

Also have available is a height adjustable detatchable nato hook.

Will take a very NEAR OFFER

Please remember you will need a Nato tow hook.

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