Nissan Figaro in LEFT Hand Drive ( LHD )
£11,000 Nationwide Delivery Available, Gloucestershire

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

In 1991 Nissan manufactured the now iconic enviable Nissan Figaro. It fast became a cult retro classic and highly sought after, the beauty and sheer class of the car coupled with the very limited manufacture of only 20,200 units made it even more desirable and consequently, valuable. All 20,200 were made in Right Hand Drive......or were they? All Figaro enthusiasts have seen the LEFT Hand Drive Lapis Grey on display in Moscow. Some said it was clever photography but it has since been proven that it exists...and in LEFT Hand Drive. The sale price? There isn't one. It is not for sale confirms the owner.
There has since been a few more to emerge Globally, 5 of them Lapis Grey, a couple of green and blue and Only one is believed to exist in Baby (or Duck Egg) Blue. And guess what, We have it.
It is being fully prepared and will soon be available for sale. The value of all good Nissan Figaro appreciates annually, if you own a rarer colour its value is naturally more. Imagine a Baby Blue Nissan Figaro in LEFT Hand Drive! Name your price, there is only known to be one.
Once the preperations are complete it will be £11,000 GBP to include all EU taxes. We will ship to any port Worldwide for additional charge at cost.

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