mk3 ibiza cupra 200hp very clean (2001) 20v turbo will px or swap
£1,995 Castleford, Leeds

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Never thought it would but i love this car. its is a great drive pulls really well and has lots of standard extras and comfort. hard to find a car that ticks all te boxes and this did for us in a big way, even sensible with child seat in the rear plus 40mpg+ on a motorway run.
the mrs is on the verge of passing her test and this isnt really suited to a learner.
remapped and has great power, it now has a refurbished ko3 turbo as the seals went on the ko3s, i have had it inspected by AET turbos and they assured me it is still in good condition with no excesive play and no damage, just a seal that is passing on the exhaust side so no excesive oil even passed throught the motor. both turbos are origional kkk items no cheap china stuff here so if you wish to refirb the ko3s you would get the extra kick i was used to, it is a very torquey car and pulls lovely through all gears.
cat back miltek exhaust which sounds great under load but also very quiet at motorway speeds.
uprated speakers throughout the car, the stereo sounds great, plus the added extra of the 6 dc changer in the boot.
"17 lenso vpds, very light and quite a rare wheel, look good and suit the car in anthracite, if i was keeping the car i would get them refirbished,
%95 of service history, all stamped up from new for seat dealers.
cambelt and water pump fitted 2 years ago.
new front and rear aero wipers.
forge split r dump/ recirc valve
aem cone air intake
n924 n112 bypass done
new rear grooved disks.
new mintex pads all round.
clutch fitted last year
new steering rack boots and front brakelines.
new front shocker tops.
also a front pair of ta teknix coilovers which i never got round to fitting.
all the little niggles and common jobs that need doing on these cars have been done.
everything on this car works fine and the engine is sweet as a nut very crisp and tight, no odd or strange bangs clunks or noises come from any part of the car "just like a golf", drives like new very comfortable and well damped even on our crappy roads.

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