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Mercedes A170 CDI Engine 668940 breaking semi auto gearbox injector ECU alloy

Wisbech, Cambridgeshire £599.99
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Dismantling a 2001 Model Mercedes A170 CDI with a 668940 engine code, which has only done 70k miles, car was very lightly smashed into the nearside panels and front bumper, remainder of car in near PRISTINE condition, not a stonechip or mark on the frontend, interior still smells and feels like new; no wear or tear to any of the leather, see my other auctions for pictures of this, gives a very good indication of how the car was maintained, lady owner car, very very well maintained, check the extensive pictures below & on my website (bluechipspares) showing every component in detail with extensive testing before removal, next week.

This advert is for the bare engine (head/ block & sump)
p.s. anything else like Diesel pump/ alternator/ ac pump/ injectors/ manifold etc.. can be left on if wanted for a extra price



Check the details below and another 5+ on my website (bluechipspares) and youtube account, below showing the engine running and driven upto temperature and most importantly all the electrics being tested, so you can be 100% certain your buying a engine from a A Class 170 CDI which was fully working before removal not some smashed to pieces scrapper or some A170 CDI which has had the living daylights hammered out of it and the owner can't afford to fix and is breaking the car, this one is direct from a insurance company. No issues with the semi auto gearbox, we've driven this car 120 miles and it runs absolute perfect, gearbox is for £399.99

No damage to engine/ gearbox/ suspension etc... In full PERFECT driving condition ONLY written off due to cost of MERCEDES MAIN DEALER parts & labour rates not extent of damage. We have alot of parts as it was only lightly bashed into NEAR SIDE PANELS & FRONT BUMPER ripped off hence why insurance wrote it off, audi main dealers would charge in excess of £2500 to repair the car due to the cost of new parts & there labour charges £145 per hour!

GENUINE "668940" engine out of a A170 CDI SEMI AUTOMATIC

We always look at the remainder of the car before buying which gives a good indication of how its been kept, this one has no stonechips on bonnet/ bumper, alloys near unmarked, the interior is immaculate & very clean with minimal wear on the seat bolsters (pictures on my website; bluechipspares) & other ebay adverts. The remaining bodywork can only be described as EXCELLENT. These parts all give indication how the engine's been run and cars been maintained.

We dont dismantle non runners/ end of life/ high mileage or scrap cars.

There are 10+ pictures of the engine below from my photobucket account and another 400+ off this car in bits on my website; bluechipspares next week to give you a idea how well maintained this car was and all the parts available as we don't do "not as described" or "not as received" which is why we take the extra effort to provide as much information via pictures/ video clips etc... so buyers are FULLY aware of the condition before purchasing.

WORLDWIDE postage options are available for the engine (email for quotes) BUT
please dont expect it to be sent for £10 this will have to go on a pallet due to the high value costing £69.99+ fully insured depending on your postcode as any other method will most likely (99.9%) get damaged/ smashed by the courier.

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