Keeway Superlight 125cc 57 Reg Cruiser Motorbike
£650 Fulford, York

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Hi there I purchased this motorbike in January and have ridden it only a couple of times, previous owner used it for communting to work and back.

My intent was to use this bike to get some experience on 2 wheels before doing my big bike test but work have just informed me that I will be moving abroad fairly soon so thats that out of the window (for now). The previous owner told me he had recently had it serviced although I have no paperwork for this service.

The bike is in great condition and is only a few years old. Runs smoothly, sounds lovely for a 125 and since filling up the tank (15 quid) I've only managed to run it down to 3/4 full. Approx 115 MPG or something crazy!

I've given the bike a good look over and there are two things that I can find wrong with it. The tachometer will rev up to around 6-7000 rpm then will drop back to 0. Took it to a bike garage and was told it is purely cosmetic but if it really mattered I could get it replaced. Also one of the plastic side fairings has been snapped, still fixes onto the bike properly and unless you took a proper look it is un-noticeable.

Mechanically I don't know of anything wrong with the bike, it takes a minute or so to warm up when starting from cold same as any other bike. Brakes are in good order and forks are also good. It came with pannier bags to fit onto the bike but I thought they looked really naff and have thrown them away. They aren't secure and make the bike look totally different.

Any questions please feel free, viewing is advised as she is a pretty bike! I live in Fulford, York.

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