Check Engine Light Reset - Fault/s advice to avoid unnecessary bills
£20 Essex All Areas, Southend-on-Sea

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About us

Does the little check engine light on your dashboard light up?

It may be telling you vital information about your car, that if not attended to right away could result in a significant repair. On the other hand it may indicate something really simple such as a loose gas cap. How do you normally tell what it means? You take your car to the repair shop or automotive dealer, fork out £50 – £100 so that they can tell you what is wrong. You may still need to do this, but not always.


We will show / tell you what's the problem in your car and clear the code and recommend you a reliable garage or a professional mechanic to save you loads of money and time.

But don't throw your wallet in the street just yet. There are also plenty of little things that can make the Check Engine light come on, and many are easily corrected.

We have years of experience to help you get the job done.

We will charge you £20.00 per vehicle (From 1996) and if we come to you we will advice about our charges depending on the distance. NO SERVICE NO FEE

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