BMW 330ci - low mileage - FSH - T&T 2013
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Welcome to my listing for my BMW 330ci sport, regrettably up for sell as i'm going travelling at the end of the year and then getting my own place so i need to start saving now. I bought it in December 2009 from a BMW specialist in Bristol called Performance Direct, at the time they were dealing exclusively in BMW's but have since diversified there stock and are now mainly dealing with focus RS's, they've have also changed there name to focusRSdirect, you can out there website by tapping that into google. The car is a 2005 model on a 54 plate and here are the details..........

Good Points and bad points:

- Low mileage of 50305 and 8000 miles until the next service, these figures will change slighty as it's my daily driver but not by too much, i don't go far.

- Taxed until the end June 2013.

- The car has an MOT until 03/01/2013 and has flown through every MOT i've put in for with just an advisory saying the brake pipes have some surface rust. On the last MOT i had a lenghty disccusion with a trusted mechanic, whilst the car was still on the ramp, i asked his opinion on the condition of the mechanicals on the underside to which he replied everything was in good shape and shouldn't need anything doing for quite sometime. He then proceeded to give me a guided tour around it showing me the condition of the bushes, brake lines and suspension components and explaining to me how everything was ok.

- The car has a full service history, although for some reason it isn't BMW. I have no idea why this is, perhap the previous owner didn't like BMW's ridiculous labour charges. It's something that doesn't really bother me as i prefer to judge a car on it's condition and they way it drives, and this one it spot on. Here's the what it's in the service booklet;

: 9,764 miles, Oil service, Inspection 1, Air filter replacement, Carried out by MW Auto Services.

: 18,395 miles, Oil service, Inspection 2, Air filter replacement, Carried out by MW Auto Services.

: 27,161 miles, Oil service, Inspection 2, Carried out by MW Auto services.

: 43,390 miles, Oil service, Carried out by Performance Direct.

- It had brand new OEM brake pads and sensor fitted to the front 6 weeks ago, i had this done by the same garage that did the MOT. I also ask them to do the tracking but i wasn't happy with end result as the use the old fashioned gauges, i've just had the tracking done again by a different garage that uses the much better laser equipment.

- Interior is in great condition overall, beautiful black leather complimented by the carbon effect pieces, this coupled with the silver grey metallic paint makes one of the best colour combinations. There is usual wear on the drivers bolster and are some strange marks on some of the carbon pieces, i'm not sure where these came from but they look like scratches from someones nail. The first owner was a women so perhaps she very long nails.

- Wheel are in great condition overall with no kerbing, they are showing signs of the common mv2 problem of lacquer peel. It happening from behind and around a couple of the holes where the nuts go. It doesn't distract from the overall appearance but it's something that will need doing eventually. I always ment to get it sorted but never got around to doing it.

- Tyres are kuhmo ecsta's on the front with 5mm of tread left, the rears are bridgstone potenza's with 4mm left. Something to note is on the front tyres the inside side of them are more worn than the rest of tyre, hence why i've had the tracking done. Don't let this worry you though as it's on the VERY inside of tyre and hasn't shorted the life of them in anyway, about 80% of them still have the 5mm of tread left.

- There are some stone chips on the front a few scratches here and there but nothing you wouldn't expect to see on a 7 year old car. I frequently wash and wax it making sure to clean the out the lips in the wheel wells to help prevent the rusting issue these cars suffer with. I also clay the car occasionally when i have the time. When you do this it look truly stunning as you can see in some of the pictures.

- The car comes with all the original books and folders, both the keys, complete BMW tool kit in the boot, torch in the glove compartment and first aid kit under the seat. The last two can be quite rare as people take them out and forget to put them back in or they decide to keep them!!

Viewing are welcome and recommended, test drives are possible as long as you have proof of insurance, if you don't have insurance then i'm happy to take you out in it with me behind the wheel. I'm only looking to sell this car to a genuine uk buyer and not one of those con artist who live in Nigeria!!

Right, i think thats about all i can say, i've tried to be as honest as possible and to give the most accurate desciption i can but if i have missed anything out or there is something you need to know please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

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