APRILIA RS50 QUICK SALE (80 kit, Race pipe, 21mm carb, Air filter, Race clutch and more)

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Rs 50 my06
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Here is my Aprilia RS50 which I am selling due to getting a car. As you can tell from the title this bike has many modifications and is one of the fastest 50's on the market.

The bike was bought for £1600 with all parts already fitted and run in correctly. The parts include:
- Malossi 80 Bore Kit
- Malossi 21mm Carb
- TNT Air Filter
- MetraKit Full Race Pipe
- Polini Race Clutch
- Malossi Cintered Brake Pads (Front/Back)
- Unlimited CDI
- Iridium Spark Plug

With all these parts fitted, it makes it extremely fast and secure at the same time. Overall, the modifications come to an estimate cost of around £700. The bike will easily reach 60-70mph in no time at all with the top speed I have reached is 81mph down hill which is very fast for a 50cc. I have fitted a new battery and spark plug so they wont need replacing for a long time. The bike also starts first time off the electric start and also off the choke in cold conditions. The bike has to be warmed up thoroughly before riding.

I wish I was able to say that everything was fine with the bike however, I cant. I came off the bike in very wet conditions which caused significant cosmetic damage (nothing wrong with the running of the bike). Although crashing, it does still handle very well. I did manage to replace the fuel tank and back panel which were both serverly dented so that is no issue however, both the right and left fairings are both cracked. The left being the worse of the two as its the side I came off. As well as the fairings, the left handlebar was also damaged, but again, I was able to replace it. When replacing the battery and fuel tank, the milage did also change and jump up to over 147,000 miles but I can promise you this bike has not done that many miles, not even close.

Below are web links to the parts needed/advised for this bike and I have worked out that to fix the bike will cost an estimate of around £500:
- http://www.ultimateparts.net/aprilia/c.php?n=Controls-Aprilia-RS-50-2006-Aprilia-Parts-and-Spares-Genuine-OEM&i=17758
- http://www.ultimateparts.net/aprilia/a.php?n=86142400WN1-LH-side-panel-upper,-black-Central-body-Aprilia-RS-50-2006-Aprilia-Parts-and-Spares-Genuine-OEM&i=351083
- http://www.ultimateparts.net/aprilia/a.php?n=86142300WN1-RH-side-panel-upper,-black-Central-body-Aprilia-RS-50-2006-Aprilia-Parts-and-Spares-Genuine-OEM&i=351080
- http://www.ultimateparts.net/aprilia/c.php?n=Electrical-system-Aprilia-RS-50-2006-Aprilia-Parts-and-Spares-Genuine-OEM&i=17765 (LH front indicator)

Some of the electrics are also not working. I have managed to fix most of them however, the left side indicators still do not work. This should only be a small problem and nothing major which can be easily sorted. The brake pads may also need replacing soon as they are starting to sqeek but still work perfectly fine at the moment. MOT needed! TAX needed!

I am willing to listen to offers and possibly go lower with my asking price but please don't give stupid offers and wast time. Overall, this bike is great for a first bike and again, one of the fastest on the road. If you are willing to put money into this bike as possibly a project then this is the bike for you!! It is unfortunate that I crashed it but there is obviously nothing I can do now.

Please feel free to email or text me with any questions and queries you may have.

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