Moped/scooter 1999 SYM JET, modified,+accessories bundled. 100% working, TAX & MOT till June 2014.
£175 Stafford

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SYM JET 1999 road legal scooter/moped ON SALE

Selling cheaply to quick buy a car/driving lessons. I will raise the price to £200 on the 16th. Many thanks.

INCLUDES: Alarm lock, 1 combi lock, 2 stroke Britoil and a size small SHOX helmet. Need buyer to update logbook then I shall send through 1st class post to DVLA. Logbook has labels over scribbled out written information from potential buyer due to a let down for distance reasons. Please update logbook once arrived for collection I wont update for you via email to save time. I want a serious buyer thank you. Comes with MOT document from the past 2 years (ends June 2014). Tax disc intact and ends June 2014. Even though it works 100% fine (battery just needs a charge though) I am selling as spares and repairs price for fast sale. Good runner. Please text the reg plate to DVLA, this bike is not stolen and is a legitimate sale offer. Happy viewing!

Perfect for new riders.

My bike just needs a run around to charge battery to power on via the button, will start with kick start for time being (If left for longer than a week not used expect to kick the kick start more then twice to get it started, usually around 3 to 4 times if left for a while). Some sticky residue on mat and seat from paint splash and touch up pens, will come off with clean and polish. Was a DIY job (hence the cheap price tag).

For sale is my old but reliable 2-stroke (2 seperate tanks no mixing) customized "motocross style* Sym Jet, with one adult owner from new who used it to commute on, then a college commuter, then me.
For its age it's in very good condition, small scratches here and there. Good condition.
Easily keeps up with traffic and will do 50mph on a flat all day long, with more potential for extra power such as clutch, variator upgrades etc.
It runs smoothly with no rattles. No rips on seat also.

Parts made in taiwan so very good quality! No made in china rubbish.
MOT runs out June next year, same with Road Tax. 1 key and documents come with the bike.

Cheap insurance from £17 a month. Cheap to run and upgrade also.

The changes to it:

-Kick start lever applied
-Endy sports exhaust (de-restricted & polished)
-Arrow rear indicators
-Brand new adjustable rear shock
-Polini 6.6g rollers
-High power ignition coil
-Upjetted the carb
-Dark black finished DIY paint job
-Anti rust proction and greased (applied recent)
-Engine fuel system cleaner (applied recent)
-Chrome decals plus other decals (£80 worth)
-New untheaded bolts in bodywork
-5x7 Number plate
-Painted wheels and forks in weather resistant paint
-Inner leg panels & handlebar cover sprayed black
As well as other smaller changes such as handlebar grips, glued foot rest and smaller carbon mirror

Full tank of oil and engine cleaner, half tank of petrol roughly.

Oh and ofcourse, the angry eyes lights rear and front.

Will take £175 quick sale. Lowest price & final price. Cutting my loses on this project, sold as seen, reason for selling, I'm learning to drive cars.

Stafford ST16 collection.

Only contact if you're a serious buyer, thank you. Text or Email only.

No returns.

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