Web Programming and Tuition: JAVASCRIPT + JQUERY, PHP + MYSQL, HTML + CSS

stoke newington
1111 days ago


I've been programming websites full time and in my spare time for 6 years now, and i'm keen to pass on my experience and knowledge of web building to anybody with an interest.

Whether it be in the form of helping out on university coursework, teaching you to build your own site, or working on a project you want to get off the ground without the desire to learn the coding yourself, i am sure that i'll be able to help you get up and running in a simple and concise manner.

I'm familiar with design packages such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and can build code from visual templates if required, but i have a more technical mind than artistic, so will not be able to aid in design, although i do have a fair amount of understanding of usability concepts and of all the cross browser incompatibilty issues apparent when writing html, css and javascript.

Past works include :

www.tidybedrooms.com (check out the javascript door designer at http://www.tidybedrooms.com/designer.php?require[]=doors&require[]=interior&require[]=frame_work&require[]=drawer_chest)

www.robinleck.com (smart photography gallery)

www.musicborn.com (social network)

rates are £30ph and i can travel a short distance from N16 to meet you if required, or you can come to visit me.

mark at webdesignamite.com

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