VO2 Metabolic Assessments

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The Science: How it Works

With an accurate measure of both oxygen and carbon dioxide, you get a clear picture of your body’s complete fuel composition. That is, you know exactly when you’re burning the energy-dense fat fuel as opposed to when you’re burning the less-efficient carbohydrate fuel.

A YOUR ZONE metabolic assessment “precisely” measures – other metabolic systems merely estimate.

A YOUR ZONE metabolic assessment measures several things:
•The amount of calories your body needs to function, including everything from regulating your body’s hormones to thinking the thoughts that run through your mind
•The amount of calories you need to consume each day to achieve your fitness goal, whether that’s weight loss or greater athletic performance
•The point, known as your aerobic base heart rate, is the highest intensity at which your body still uses fat as it’s dominant fuel
•The highest sustainable intensity of exercise, known as your threshold, that your body can sustain and still burn fat efficiently
•The rate at which your body absorbs oxygen, which your body requires to burn fat

“No more guessing”

A YOUR ZONE metabolic assessment is a simple, two-step process. First, there’s the easiest assessment you’ll ever take. It involves wearing a comfortable mask while sitting in a chair and breathing. That’s it. Next, there’s a little exercising to be done, but that doesn’t take long. Then, the science goes to work for you. For your very little effort, you get a lot of detailed, personalized feedback about your caloric needs, your current level of fitness, and a sense of what you need to do next in order to move toward your health, fitness, or performance goal.

This information will help you and your metabolic professional chart a speedy path to redefining your fitness. The nutrition part of the assessment will help you develop a dietary plan that you can follow for the rest of your life, and a personal daily workout plan ends the guesswork about how often and how intensely to workout. Just follow the plan, and you’ll get results.

1) The Resting Metabolic(RMA) Assessment: – The assessment will provide results on what the user’s body predominantly burns as its main energy source i.e. body fat, carbohydrates / sugars, or a mixture of both. An accurate calculation of the total amount of calories required for their body to function at rest and due to their lifestyle i.e. occupation. This allows accurate dietary advice to be given by the YOUR ZONE metabolic specialist, whether it is how many calories a person needs to consume each day to lose / gain weight or how many calories they need to consume to fuel up for training. A full printout of the results and plan is given to the user.

2) The Exercise Metabolic Assessment (EMA): – This assessment will show the user at which heart rate zones they predominantly burn body fat and carbohydrates / sugars when exercising. The results of the assessment also shows the users anaerobic threshold (AT), their VO2 peak / max and how good or poor an aerobic base they have. With this assessment comes a 12 week cardiovascular training programme which is constructed with the help of the YOUR ZONE metabolic specialist.

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