Treat yourself to a divine massage!
Hornsey/north London

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Indulge yourself with a pampering treatment which aims to bring equilibrium to the mind, body and soul.

Escape from the mundane day to day routine and prepare to drift into a place of peace and relaxation through the soothing sense of touch. Massages are tailored to suit personal taste and physical needs as I can combine a variety of techniques to give you a unique experience both therapeutic and blissful.

Treatments on offer include but are not limited to:-

-Divine Full body
(deep tissue massage , soft tissue/lomi lomi relaxing or mixed. This massage is combined with stimulation of various *marma points. Once the physical body is more at ease it’s vital life force energy can flow more freely, thus leaving you with a more meditative and harmonious state of mind. Massage is done as traditional, on a floor futon )

--Ayurvedic yoga massage
(a dynamic deep tissue massage aimed to warm up the body preparing it for yoga based stretches to open and realign.This massage assists with flexibility and a variety of ailments in the physical and emotional body.
Ending with sensuous healing strokes and a deep sense of well-being and relaxation. Massage is done as traditional, on a floor futon )

-Lomi Lomi
A mixture of soft, medium and deep tissue combined with some stretches carried out on a massage table. Lomi Lomi is the traditional Hawaiian massage and is a meditative treat!

-Energy re-balancing/Reiki
Numerous people have tried and tested healing and most notice great relaxation after a session. Benefits can be felt ranging from calmer emotions and more clarity and peace of mind to a noticeable reduction or complete eradication of pain in the physical body.

-4 hands Lomi Lomi**
"We aim to take you into a mesmerizing trance where you can lose yourself in the senses; it is the ultimate treat of healthy escapism from the mundane day to day routine" Soft flowing massage for the ultimate relaxation!

-Divine foot massage
A whole body massage treat through the feet. Each part of the foot correlates to another usually more distant part of the body, with harmonizing benefits extending not just to the muscles and joints but also to the vital organs.A deeply relaxing experience, also incorporating massage of the lower leg.

-Indian head massage/Divine back massage
Indian Head Massage is a seated treatment based on old ayurvedic techniques involving work on the upper back, shoulders, chest, arms, neck, scalp and face. Using a variety of strokes and movements of varying pressures to relax and rejuvenate. This Indian head massage also incorporates *marma point stimulation.
Benefits of a session include:-
-Reduced stress and fatigue
-Relief from headaches and migraine
-Improved concentration and memory
-Releasing energetic blocks in the body
-Relaxing muscles and relieving chronic tensions
-Profound relaxation
-Improved vitality and fluidity in the body.
-Improving blood and lymphatic circulation.
-Regained sense of wholeness, feeling at peace in the body
-Changes of old holding patterns/habits of the physical body.
-Calmer, deeper sleep.
-Improved alignment and body posture.
- More clarity & self-love/acceptance
- Finding your inner BLISS

-Prices- £55 x1hr/ £70 x 90mins/£90 x 2hrs
-Shower facility available. The treatment room is candlelit, cool and ambient
-Approx 20min tube ride from Holborn central London then 7mins walk from Piccadilly line tube station
-3mins walk from Hornsey rail station which takes about 10mins from Moorgate and Old street.

Call Deva Tara today for more information or to book an appointment 07776321878
Please note this is NOT a business offering sex .
Qualifications are with professional bodies; ITEC, ITHMA and OSHO.All treatments are carried out with an intention of healing and the atmosphere and environment will reflect this.
*Marma points are energy centres on the body, which are connection points between the physical body and the subtle energetic bodies.
** 2 qualified female practitioners

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