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The Professional Dreadlock Service is back from a fantastic dreadlock holiday and our mobile service is operating throughout the UK.

Beautiful NATURAL Dreadlocks for any Hair Type??? No Problem

Get DREADS FROM SCRATCH (only 3 Inches of hair required)

- Whole head

- Single Dreads

- Natural Dread Extensions

- Maintenance

- Mobile Services

- Dread Products

Dreadlocks can be made with ANY HAIR TYPE and hair as short as 3 inches long. Our worldly knowledge of Natural techniques means creation of dreads will never involve the use of chemicals or wax and ALWAYS results in stunning locks.

We can do many different styles of dreads and firmly believe that dreadlocks should remain unique and individually tailored to each happy client... whatever it is you're looking for, don't hesitate to ask!!

Super Dread Maintenance

SUPER DREAD also offer MAINTENANCE/REPAIR on Existing Locks

Get your dreads growing neat, healthy and looking in top form!

As well as general tidying and fixing, we can transform damaged locks completely, they will be left strong, healthy and the stars of the show ;)

Whether you want your dreads thicker, thinner, longer, shorter, joined up, separated or even reattached.... Super Dread can help.

Positive Vibes !

Our mobile dreading service operates throughout London and all over the UK. Can't find the time or Don't want to make a trek for your hair appointment? We will travel to you in the comfort of your own home and at hours to suit.

We offer free consultations for all those interested in anything to do with Dreadlocks, any way, shape or form!

From our service we have absolute confidence you will be left 100% satisfied, We have a positive attitude combined with a LIFETIME of experience with dreads and are happy to share our knowledge/teach you how to maintain natural dreadlocks in the best way possible. Our prices remain Affordable and Competitive!

Drop us a message via the online reply to this ad, email or call, we look forward to hearing from you.

One Love


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