Shopping cart website for the amazingly low price of £499 !!

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Shopping cart website for the amazingly low price of £499 !!

Please have a look at the demo website below. This will give you an idea about the features of the your new website. The design here is just a basic layout. The green boxed area can display a rotating banner (4 images + text) as you need. This design will be modified as per your requirements.

The website will consist of a user end and an admin end

User end

▪ Website Design
The presentation, organization and layout of content is extremely important in a shopping portal. The web design will be carefully designed so that the pages aid content discovery. This will help you maximize the sale on the shopping portal.
It will be compatible with Multiple Browsers (IE8, Chrome, firefox)
▪ Product search box on the top. The search can be done in all categories or a specific category
▪ Featured items
Best/Featured Offers on home page. These will be customizable from the admin end. In your case as all products to be displayed on the homepage itself, all will be marked as featured.
▪ Shopping cart design
Cart Details,
Update quantity,
Display price,
Checkout ( one payment gateway )
▪ Shopping cart flow
User can register OR
Checkout without registration
▪ Flow
SignIn/Checkout without reg
Billing/Shipping address
Order Summary
Payment Options
Credit card (one payment gateway, paypal included in the bid)
▪ Description page
When the user clicks on a product link to look at the details, s/he has expressed interest in buying it. This product details page will be carefully designed to avoid unnecessary distractions
◦ Details
The benefits/selling points of your products should be mentioned on the page and the page must provide a call to action
Image / Additional Images
Availability Status
Add to Cart
Related Items/Offers (to upsell)
▪ Users can login to see
Order history
▪ Special Offers page
▪ About Us page,
▪ FAQ page,
▪ Contact Us page

Admin End

▪ Dashboard View
Overview of the sales
Latest 10 orders
▪ Add /Edit / Delete categories/subcategories.
▪ Categories will have sub categories upto one level.
▪ Add/Edit/Delete Brands/Brand Description, in your case it will be only one brand
▪ Admin can add/delete items. Following fields can be added per item
Item Name
Item Brand
Item Short Description.
Item Long Description.
Item Category
Item Sub Category
Item Image
Item colors
Item Size
Item Shipping Charges
Display in featured
Display as popular
Item Id (auto generate for admin ref)
Item Quantity
Keywords (used in search)
Upsell/Related Items
▪ Orders
View all orders
Mark orders as complete
Delivery status
View user details
Estimate delivery date
View payment details
Deliver details
▪ Send mail to users
▪ Best Offers settings
▪ User Maintenance
Add/Edit/Delete/View user
▪ Contact Us page settings
▪ About Us settings
▪ Sales Reports
Filter item reports
▪ SEO keywords management


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