wow semi-permanent eyelash extensions £40 promo offer lashes

Wandsworth, London
1147 days ago


Have you been lashed yet by TLM - The Lash Makeover??

well nows the time to take up our special promo offer with a whopping £35 off.

TLM lashes naturally darken and lengthen your lashes eliminating the need for mascara use.

we use premium silk lashes in varied lengths to suit you and your desires.

Lashes can last up to 3 months with boost-up session every 4-6 weeks to maintain fullness.

Lashes fallout along with your natural lashes so you can keep them boosted -up or let them fallout over time naturally, alternatively return to have them removed.

with TLM lashes you can still go swimming and they are fabulous for blushing brides for the big day and the honeymoon too!

To get lashed email your details and desired date and time and we'll aim to book you in as soon as possible - see you soon xx TLMxx

call also but leave a text or message if we are unable to answer your call during treatments ... see you soon xx

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