Reflexology - Foot Massage £ 25 for 45 minutes!

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How does Reflexology work?

Nerve endings are imbedded in the feet and hands that then travel to the spinal cord and to various parts of the body. Stimulating these nerve endings thereby helps promote relaxation, improve circulation, stimulate vital organs in the body and encourage the body's natural healing processes. Unlike conventional medicine, reflexology works on the underlying problems within the body and works through the body's nervous system.

The treatment involves light, but firm, compression massage to the soles and uppers of your feet. As the reflex points are very small the reflexologist has to be very precise.

Reflexology should not be used if the patient is pregnant, has diabetes or a heart problem, but if you do receive treatment, you will find that reflexology is typically a very pleasant, relaxing and rejuvenating therapy.

A full treatment usually takes 40 min to 1 hour

*** Don't worry if you have ticklish feet, the treatment is very precise and quite firm!

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