Quality Wine Tasting
FK10 6GB, Clackmannanshire

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I work for an international wine shippers who specialise in importing unique high quality wines from the country of origin directly to your doorstep.

Our company has a unique way of operating and can be a fantastic way to buy new and interesting wines, all of which are solely imported by us.

What i am offering is a sampling of up to 10 quality wines, for up to 6 people in the comfort of your own home, lasting between 60-90 minutes. These can be arranged to begin from 12pm until 8pm on most Wednesday-Friday nights.

A tasting for up to 6 people will cost just £20, and if the party decide to purchase wine at the end of the tasting this will be refunded and any future tastings can be arranged free of charge (we bring in new wines throughout the year so can always offer a new tasting experience)

I can be emailed but the best method of contact would be via the mobile number on this page.

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