Proofreading Service by highly experienced and qualified English language teacher.

1169 days ago


English not your first language?

I am a qualified English language teacher, I will review your document, checking it for clarity, academic style, word choice, sentence structure, idiomatic expression, and consistency, to make sure you are expressing yourself clearly.

I will also check it for spelling, grammar, and typographical errors, as well as common English-as-a-second-language problems, such as article usage, countable nouns, and much more.

You will receive a document with revisions clearly marked throughout the manuscript. You will be able to proceed with confidence to produce your final draft.

The cost is £10 per 1000 words for the first 3000 words, then £6 per 1000 words thereafter.

Payments made through Paypal or bank transfer.

I will make your work look like it was written by a native English speaker; I edit, you take the credit!

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