Power flush from £180 all included. 2 year guarantee.try us,we are the cheapest!

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Power flushing from £180 all included. 2 year guarantee.try us,we are the cheapest!
Power flushing from £180 all included. 2 year guarantee

POWER FLUSHING.CO.UK-we cover all areas

Call our office for a quote 020 788 7574, our office will put you through an engineer, who will be available to discuss your quote or any questions you might have.

NO HIDDEN CHARGES! We will beat any reasonable quote you have been given!

Prices include ALL chemicals and VAT. NO HIDDEN CHARGES! Try us we are the CHEAPEST around! Call our office for a quote or to book us on 020 788 7574.

-Does your boiler make noise?
-Does your radiators feel half cold?
- Do you hear noise in your pipes?
-Rusty radiators
-Small leaks starting to come from the radiators
-Dark water coming form your radiators.
-Pump failure
-It takes a long time for your system to heat up the house
-Boiler keeps lock down-need to reset?

Any of these symptoms could indicate that your central heating system has circulation problems, due to the scale, sludge or corrosion in your system.
Overtime your central heating system can become blocked and restrict the flow to your radiators.
Power flushing can remove all these problems, and restore the system to have a better circulation and efficiency. It can also help prevent other problems like leaking radiators, rusty radiators and even help reduce energy bills

-We use a light-commercial power flush machine with powerful magnets to clean and filter the central heating system pipe work and radiators.
-We are gas safe register
-We have 1 million public liability insurance
-We are cheap, fast, clean and reliable
-Our power flushes have a 2 year guarantee

Call us 020 788 7574 (we are open 24hours)

We cover all areas


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