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Are you considering learning Portuguese? We teach European Portuguese (Portugal), Brazilian Portuguese (Brazil) and African Portuguese (Angola and Mozambique). Portuguese lessons available in any town or city throughout the UK.

The Language Connection
Office: (+ 44) 01483 536 878
Mobile: (+44) 07432 665533
Skype: thelanguageconnection


• Private tuition either one-on-one or in small groups

We teach one-to-one or to small groups. If you have friends or colleagues that want to learn Portuguese with you and are at a similar level, you can study together at a discounted rate.

• Lessons at your location of choice

Our native Portuguese teachers give lessons at your location of choice. Having classes at your home or office can save you a lot of time and money, with all the comfort and practicality that you desire.

• You choose the day and time of your lessons

Private tuition is the most flexible and convenient way to learn a language. You choose the day and time that best suits your needs.

Our courses are also flexible, which means you do not need to commit to a long-term course that traditional language schools provide. You can plan your learning and have classes when you want. You can reschedule your lessons if for some reason you are unable to have them. You are free to change day and time of your lessons according to your needs.

• All material included

All material is included, which is carefully selected to meet your learning needs. The classes are dynamic with experienced tutors.

• All levels and objectives covered

We teach Portuguese to all levels and objectives. From beginner to advanced, for business and travel purposes, for adults and children, for GCSE and A Level or beyond. We offer a course that teaches you what you want to learn at your own pace.

• Best prices

Prices from £20.00 for on line tuition.
Discounted rates for groups of 2 or more students.
Book 6 hours of lessons in advance, get 5% discount.
Book 12 hours of lessons in advance, get 10% discount.

So what are you waiting for? Come learn Portuguese with The Language Connection.


Our teaching method is based on a communicative approach, focusing on achieving fluency, improving reading and listening comprehension, and expanding vocabulary. Our courses teach the use of Portuguese in a variety of business environments, based on key skills like presenting information, taking part in meetings and video conferences, handling telephone calls, negotiating and writing concise business letters, e-mails or reports.


The Language Connection is specialised in teaching Portuguese to children from the age of 4. We believe in the advantages of starting the contact with a foreign language from an early age. Our professionals are trained to teach Portuguese and selected for their talent, professionalism and passion for teaching.

Our lessons for children are varied, with games, music, toys, arts, technology and multimedia features to make the learning process very enjoyable and practical. We provide all the learning material, which is carefully selected to match your child’s needs.


Many schools and employers have specific language requirements as part of their application process. While being a great advantage in life, many students need to learn Portuguese for GCSE and A-level exams and for university and employment. By teaching Portuguese, we assist in the development of individual talents and help to improve the communication skills of each student.


Our e-learning method is specifically designed for adults who may have limited hours available, prefer the convenience of learning online and needs to improve their language skills quickly.

We combine advanced technology and the best teaching approach focused on your learning needs and goals. You learn at your own pace, with all the flexibility and support of our lessons, at an affordable price.


We offer lessons in following languages, for all needs: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin or Standard Chinese, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

All languages are available for e-learning. We can find you an expert native teacher for the language you want to learn.

The Language Connection also offers translation and interpretation services between English and 15 different languages with experienced professionals.

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