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Planning Permission Services offered by Local Planning Consultant.

After working for the last 7 years for Local Planning Authorities as a Planning Officer dealing with Planning Applications and working within the Private Sector as a Planning Consultant I have decided to go freelance to deal with and help local people, businesses and organisations obtain planning permission and offer professional advice.

I am available to work on Individual projects for any individual or company as well as undertaking longer term contract roles.

As I have a number of years of experience working as a Planning Officer for a number of different Councils, dealing with Planning Applications I have a thorough understanding of what is likely to be granted planning permission and can offer professional advice and a range of services. I can also provide basic architectural services myself and can recommend architects for more detailed work for you.

Some of the Services I provide
• Planning Application Submission and Completion of the necessary planning statements and design and access statements for any kind of development. (Whether it is a residential, commercial, Change of Use or any other development)
• Planning Appeals against a refused Planning Application (This is one of my specialties and I enjoy undertaking appeals and am very good at coming up with persuasive arguments and discrepancies in policies)
• Permitted Development Advice (Advising in relation as to what does not require planning permission) and Submission of Certificates of Lawfulness etc.
• Advice and feasibility in relation to whether something is likely to be granted planning permission
• Pre-Application Advice
• Site Promotion and Justification of Exception Sites (i.e. Large Sites within the Countryside may be able to obtain planning permission if a site specific justification report is produced and can justify development)
• Objection statements against Planning Applications
• Statements of Heritage Significance
• Representations against Local Plan/Council Documents and Publications
• Any other Planning and Development Services

Please email me for any enquiry by responding to this advert.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Jason Parker
Parker Planning Services Ltd
07538 463044

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