Personal Training 3 Free Sessions!! when booked in Feb! Free consultation!

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London based qualified Personal Trainer.

If you’ve got muscle to build or fat to lose, I can help you.

Working 10 years as a qualified personal trainer, I specialise in functional muscle building and rapid fat loss.

To have a strong aesthetic body low on fat, train with me caveman style. Using kettle bells, tractor tyres – you name it – if you:
1. Train like I say
2. Eat like I say

You’ll get the body you want… FAST!

***1st session free
***100% money back after 10 sessions if you don’t get the results you want
*** 3 free sessions when you sign up for a block of 10 or more

Do I practice what I preach? Check out my before and after TWO month transformation pics on this ad!

I may train you hard but I’ll make it fun along the way!

Contact me on 07525 489 799 to book your free session.

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