Permanent hair removal from Laserbrite

885 days ago


Imagine never having to shave or wax ever again, this dream can become a reality in 6 easy sessions 4 weeks apart. Our tried and tested IPL (intense pulse light) method is quick and painless.
A special gel is applied to the area to be treated then a torch like probe is is passed over. Flashing pulses of light are administered which target the root of the hair, each session will reduce hair growth by 30-40 percent. After 6 sessions (less in some cases) the hair will no longer grow.
At Lasrbrite we are so proud of our method we offer a 50% discount on your first session, we know that you will be so impressed with your first session that you will return for 5 more sessions at full price.
Full price or both underarms is £45 , first treatment £22.50
full price for both lower legs is £65 , first reatment £32.50
full prices and list of other treatments available are on our website

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