Now full body massage done by men and women while

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New in your area, experienced technician which provide high standard of

~professional and classic therapeutic massage of the entire body
~ partial massage of reflexology
~ cellulite massage
~ lymphatic massage
~ relaxing massage
at your home or my treatment room from


Monday........9 am.....17 pm
Sunday........9 am.......18.00 pm

Improves the welfare of your life by booking an appointment at the phone number 07743976677 /SAM

Call now and get 30 minutes more added to the all session of one hour.

Cellulite Massage:

Bring an increased inflow of blood into the tissues, thus improving their feeding, stimulating nerves that supply internal organs;
favorably influences nervous system: relaxes and calms the entire body;
improves your skin: removes the layer of dead cells from the skin and excess sebum from the sebaceous glands, with cleansing effect. In addition, massage works directly on the function of the glands (oil) and sweat glands, which keep the skin lubricated, clean and cool;
stimulates the sebaceous glands helping to restore the acid mantle of the skin;
Help pathological disintegration-products (fibrin, fat);
combat cellulite;
invigorates muscle tone and keeping skin elasticity, and also prevents the formation of fat deposits in skin tissue (hypodermis);
analgesic effect;
releases substances necessary muscle contraction (glycogen, acetylcholine, etc.);
stretch muscles and tissues, muscles loosen and repressed emotions disappear;
stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic;
ensure nutrient exchange between tissues, the elimination of metabolic waste.

Relaxation Massage:

Massage has a definite psychological effect. Since relaxation massage animates the tactile sense, the primary sense of the body, it brings people here and now, and away from tension generated by constant preoccupation with problems. Also, easing muscle can lead to release repressed emotions. Headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders including constipation, arthritis, asthma, sinusitis, and minor aches are some of the issues that improves after massage therapy for relaxation.

Specifications Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy is a form of individualized therapy that, based on exercise programs static and dynamic, can be used in therapeutic programs prophylactic (preventive), healing and recovery.
Foot massage for better circulation: The best way to a person's legs for a mass movement better to start with a comprehensive plan in mind, then take it out. The difficulties are used for the movement of legs, because the blood and nutrients to the heart to be moved by the pump, to the foot. In addition, the return deoxygenated blood should be above the gravity return to the filter bodies and the heart again. Massage is an excellent way to improve circulation. The therapist needs to work on both legs.which provide high standard of

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