Need to A website designer to work with myself and Well known Livepool retails store
Town, Liverpool

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Need to A website designer to work with my self and Well know Livepool retails store Resurrection Bold street.

This is for anyone who is a wizard at web building. I am Liverpool designer who has merged with Well known retail store Resurrection to start a massive campaign

It will be getting linked to all schools, colleges universities in liverpool and added to a media package going to the echo and other media chains as I am in collaboration with resurrections PR manager from London, they will also be sending this out on their mailing list, adding it to their website and Facebook followers.

That's a huge load of people boom and would be a credit to anyone who get involved to help create this website as a worthy part of their portfolio.

Hopefully working well together could lead to more opportunities within the store and myself.

Facebook ben mak II

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