Multitrepannic collagen actuation for acne scar, cellulite & wrinkle removals fr £50!!

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This revolutionary treatment is offered on a limited basis for willing models for portfolio generation from a fully qualified salon based practitioner based in London & Essex.

~~~~~~~~~~~Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation~~~~~~~~~~~

*What is Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation?
ans: (MCA) or skin needling is a revolutionary procedure involving multiple tattoo needle penetration of the epidermis outer layers and stimulating the skins own natural ability to repair targeting problematic areas which activates the skins collagen deposits.

*What treatments can this procedure offer?
ans: This procedure is excellent for...
*Loosening surgical scars
*Acne scars
*Fine/deep wrinkles
*Blemish/freckle removals

*How does this work?
ans:A limited amount of damage to the skin is applied only to the 2 outer layers of the epidermis, preserving and leaving those layers intact which renders the skins rapid healing process in just 3 days.

*Why is it better than conventional treatments?
ans: compared to chemical or glycolic peels, micro-dermabrasion & laser treatments which completely destroys the epidermal layer of the skin making it sun sensitive, red & swollen resulting in longer recovery.
MCA is suitable for those wanting a quicker recovery in as little as 3 days, it's much more affordable in the long run after just 1 or 4 courses (depending on the treatment area) and because of no other chemical involvement, your skins natural healing ability makes the results more permanent than any surgical face fillers and creams on the market,

*Will it hurt?
ans: The procedure is performed with prior application of topical anesthetic cream which numbs the area followed by a secondary anesthetic during the entire treatment to make the experience virtually pain free.

*How long is the healing time?
ans: healing time takes exactly 1 week for the skin to regenerate fully however the more obvious marks goes just after 3 days. General feedback from clients who have undergone this treatment says that mild sensitivity is only felt in the first 48 hrs after treatment. For a course of treatments the client returns once every 7 days.

*When will I see some result?
ans: Results are obvious after just one treatment 1 week after the procedure due to the skins own healing cycle. The skin needs about a week to regenerate its collagen deposits into the treated area.

Price list: (Discount of 60% off normal price. Hurry limited time only!)
*Acne scar removal £90 per area (i.e. forehead, cheeks, chin etc.)
*Surgical scar loosening- Face area £90 Body £125
*Fine Wrinkles £90 per area (i.e. eyes, forehead, mouth, chin)
*Deep wrinkles (course of 4 treatments) £200 per area
*Cellulite's (course of 4 treatments) £200 per area (i.e. upper/lower arms, upper/lower legs, hips, tummy etc.)
*Freckle/blemish removals from £50 (consultation needed)

Our salon is easily accessible from any part of London due to it's location just 1 minute away from a Central line station which runs right in the middle of the London underground map. We are based in Buckhurst hill, Essex but only 5 stops away from Stratford's Westfield shopping centre on the central line going towards Epping.

We are open for these treatments between 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday.

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