Mobile Spray Tanning

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Spray Tanning Is The Safest & Quickest Way To Achieve The Tan You Want For Any Occasion.

The Tan Solution I Use Is Tantrick.
*natural looking
*long lasting.
*applied in minutes.
*no streaking.
*dries in minutes.
*even fade off.
*no horrible smell.


My name is Sophie and I am a fully qualified Mobile Spray Tanning Technician. I am based in Godalming Surrey. I cover the areas of Haslemere, Milford, Godalming, Farncombe, Guildford, Aldershot and Woking, Any further and there will be extra expense for travel cost.



The spraying will take about 10-15 minutes, and then takes 8-9 hours to completely develop. You can then have a warm shower not to hot and then just dab yourself dry,and moisturise, leaving you with a beautiful, natural tan.
Your golden tan will last approximately 5-7 days or possibly longer, depending on your skin type and lifestyle. A sunless tan gradually fades just as a tan from the sun would.

You should not get a spray tan if:

You are in your first trimester of pregnancy, as the different hormone levels can sometimes cause patchiness.
You have unhealed tattoos or piercings.
You have breathing difficulties.
You have any cuts or open wounds.
You have recently had botox, fillers or cosmetic procedures.
You are allergic to self-tan.


DO exfoliate at least 24 hours before the spray tan
Make sure you pay special attention to elbows, knees, heels and hands!
Dry and rough skin will absorb the tan much stronger – yet fade quicker and go patchy
DO shave or wax at least 24 hours before the spray tan
DO NOT moisturize before your spray tan
This will act like a barrier and will prevent the spray tan to be absorbed into the skin
DO NOT shower directly before the spray tan
Many shower gels can have an influence of the PH level of your skin.
Slightly acidic (sweaty) skin tans the best so if you need a shower simply rinse and avoid shampoos and shower gels.
DO NOT wear any perfume or deodorant
This can have an effect on your PH level and the tan might turn out patchy
DO NOT wear make up or jewellery
DO wear lose clothing
Tight closing can rub on the tan and result in patchiness
DO wear either black underwear or an old bikini.
The bronzer from the soultion does wash out but we do suggest not to wear anything expensive or valuable.


DO wear lose closing for the rest of the day to avoid rubbing which could result in an uneven tan and also avoid socks for the first few hours.
DO NOT shower or bathe for at least 6-8 hours (ideally it is best if you can leave the tan on over night without showering or washing it off)
During this time the tan will absorb in your skin and start to develop (PLEASE NOTE that it can take up to 24 hours for the tan to fully develop)
DO TRY NOT to exercise or sweat excessively as this could have an influence on the development of your tan.
DO NOT get in contact with leather
Leather is skin and will tan just like your tan so be careful with leather seats in cars, couches etc and use towels to protect them.
DO use suitable suntan lotion when in the sun as your spray tan will offer no protection from UV rays.
DO NOT take long bathes as this will result in your tan fading quicker
DO NOT exfoliate the whole body after your spray tan as this remove the tan.
DO exfoliate only rough areas like knees, heels and elbows regularly to allow your tan to fade evenly.
DO avoid swimming in pools treated with chlorine as this may strip your tan.

Spray Tanning Is Ideal For:

Hen parties, pre-wedding, pre-party, pre-holiday and after holiday top-up tans, special occasions, a girls night in, or a girls night out!! any occasion you can think of!


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